Best Boiled Cabbage

This is by far the best flavor for boiled cabbage. What is the secret? Chicken stock! I am not even kidding you! It’s so easy to do, and the flavor from the stock makes this delectable. My daughter is a huge fan, and if she will eat it and request more, it’s good!


1 medium cabbage, cut into strips or however you prefer it. 🙂

1-2 cups of chicken stock. NOT BROTH. If I can find the Knorr Chicken Stock in the little “pods” at the store I will use one of those with 2 cups of water, if not I typically buy Kitchen Basics STOCK.

Salt and pepper to taste


Step 1 – cut and wash the cabbage. Place it into the pot.

Step 2- add stock until it comes just up to where you can see it beneath the cabbage. It will cook down into an amazing soup, so don’t get too much or too little. 🙂

Step 3- Add salt and pepper. Word of advice, do this now and then not again until it is done, check and add salt or pepper as needed. Pepper (freshly ground) will flavor infuse the broth as this boils, so salt may be all you need.

Step 4- cover and let cook on medium-high heat until cabbage is just nice and tender. I still like a bit of a “bite” to my cabbage.


Favorite thing to serve this with: Pork chops. Any kind of pork chops! lol.

Nutrition –  This will make about 4 servings.

Calories: 63

Fat: 0.25 g

Net Carbs: 8

Protein: 4.25


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