Easy Chicken Salad

So, I can’t eat tuna. 😦 It really sucks because I do love tuna salad, but alas, I digress. IBS does not work well with tuna. The good news, I can do chicken! I will be honest, I’ve never liked the fru-fru chicken salads you can get with all the nuts and such in them. I’ve had various methods over the years but none really came close to that texture and taste of the tuna salad I grew up eating all my life. Simple, just add mayo, pickles, boiled eggs, black pepper. My mom always did this with tuna fish and that was something we ate growing up, and something I ate most of my life! So, I decided to try it with chicken. YES! This works so well and really subs for the tuna that I can’t eat anymore. I do intend to mix in some finely diced celery next time for a bit more crunch component, and I love celery, but as I had none, this was what I did. 🙂 Be creative and add what you like, I like simple. Simple food is damn good food!!

Ingredients. (Will make 4 large sandwiches easily..I had two half sandwiches using Healthy Life Low Carb Bread (6 net carbs each). The nutrition count does NOT count bread as this is for the chicken salad only.

1 large can chuck white chicken breast, drained, and chopped up.

2 hard boiled eggs

1 dill pickle spear, sliced in half and cubed small

Dukes Mayonaise (3-4 tbsp, or more as needed).

TIP: You may want to reserve a tiny bit of the liquid from the canned chicken to moisten the final dish if it’s too dry.


Assembling it is simple, put the chicken in a bowl, and chop it up with a large spoon. Add eggs, diced up, and pickles. Add mayo and mix until it’s a good creamy consistency. Add fresh cracked black pepper and serve. If you do not do bread of any type on your LC diet, you may use any of the usual low carb bread recipes found online (cloud bread, soul bread, etc). It is also good in lettuce wraps or low carb tortillas!

Nutrition (entire recipe)

CAlories: 834

Fat: 62

Net Carbs: 3

Protein 73

For 4 servings:

Cal: 208

Fat: 5.5

Net Carbs: 0.75

Protein: 18.25




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