Sausage and Cheese Biscuit

I know you are looking at that going, what is she doing? Well, you know I have created Carbquik Buttermilk Biscuits (recipe here: and so I decided to create my own sausage and cheese biscuit and compare the nutritional info from your typical fast food joint, none specifically, just the general joint. This is MY version:

sausage cheese bisc lc

Now don’t that look delish? It is! 🙂 And, with my Carbquik biscuits, precooked sausage (or cook your own) and some cheese, a dab of mustard….this is amazing! Also, FYI the biscuits can be heated the next day in the microwave, wrapped in a paper towel, for about 35 seconds. Delish!

So, you say, what’s the difference. Let me show you.

A sausage and cheese biscuit from that fast food joint has about 530 calories, 36 grams of fat, 14 grams of protein and a WHOPPING 39 CARBS!!!!!!

MY version has: 291 calories (that’s nearly half of the fast food one!), 23 grams of fat (15 grams if you use turkey sausage), 15 grams of protein and ONLY 6 CARBS!!!!!!!


So, why on earth would you want to eat one that is so awful when you can fix one in the comfort of your own home, grab a cup of java and enjoy! 🙂

You may ask, where do I buy Carbquik. I buy it via Amazon and via Netrition. Both websites are great. This little gem of a biscuit is SO versatile, you can do most anything with it and at 2.7 net carbs (using buttermilk) and only 1+ carbs if you make with water (beware when you make them with water they are not as fluffy) what’s not to love? To do them justice add in some cold cubed butter and use buttermilk! Also, if you don’t use buttermilk, any milk such as coconut or almond will work, but for a savory biscuit, go almond. If you are doing sweeter versions with this (and you can…have other recipes on my blog here too) then use coconut milk….I highly recommend Califia Farms almond/coconut blend.


ENJOY!!! And, remember, don’t ditch it, low carb it!!! 😛


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