Salisbury Steak -Low Carb

Had a craving! Lol. You can sub the gravy mix if u want but its only adding 12 carbs for the dish so go for it. This is for 2 steaks per person with mushroom gravy. 
6 cube steaks




1 packet low sodium gravy mix (McCormick) 

1 cup water (I would go with 1/2 cup for thick gravy) 

1 cup baby bella mushrooms, cut into pieces 
Place meat seasoned with salt and pepper into the bottom of a pressure cooker. 

Add mushrooms 

Mix gravy packet and water. 

Pour over top. 

Season if needed. Add parsley (how much u like is fine) 

Cook 30 mins in pressure cooker or on high in aslow  cooker 4-5 hours. 

Makes 3 2pc servings



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