Canadian Bacon and Cheese Biscuit

Okay so how many of you, including myself, used to run to McDonald’s and grab an egg McMuffin? I usually told them to leave off the egg, so I would have just the Canadian bacon, cheese and the muffin. Well, not anymore folks! My version is a biscuit, not a muffin, but you get the jist. Tastes fabulous! And, way LESS carbs, etc. Check out the comparison and the food!

McDonald’s Egg McMuffin with NO egg:

230 calories, 8 g of fat, 11 g protein and 28 CARBS!!!

My Canadian Bacon and Cheese Biscuit:

175 calories, 9 g of fat, 18 g of protein and 5 CARBS!!!

Give it a gander……


So simple to make this. First you will need my recipe for Carbquik buttermilk biscuits ( and then you will need:

1 Carbquik Buttermilk Biscuit

3 slices Jones Canadian Bacon

1 slice American cheese

It’s THAT easy! Take a hot biscuit, cut it open, add cheese (split so you have half on top and half on bottom), add the heated Canadian bacon and BAM. BREAKFAST!! 🙂 You will never need the drive-thru again!


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