Meaty Breakfast Scramble

Y’all know I can’t flip an actual omlette to save my life, so I do scrambles and call them omlettes! haha. This morning after a 1.5 mile hike on the treadmill and some hand weights, I wanted some hot breakfast. I decided to throw what I had in the pan and wa-lah! Breakfast: 1.8 NET carbs btw…well now that’s just awesome! 🙂

12166258_1162659933750413_1160065616_n 12167586_1162659823750424_917484158_n


2 eggs, whisked together

1/8 cup Jimmy Dean Original Sausage Crumbles

1 slice of cooked bacon (crispy), finely diced up or a palmful of REAL bacon bits (not imitation stuff).

1 slice American cheese

Pinch salt (only a pinch! this is salty enough with the ingredients!)

Black pepper to taste (I use 4-5 grinds of the grinder in here cause I love pepper!)

Tsp or less dried parsley (for color and flavor)

1 tsp butter


Melt butter in a pan on med-high heat

Whisk eggs together in a bowl

When butter is melted, add eggs.

Add sausage.

Add bacon.

Pinch cheese up into bits and add.

Add salt and pepper.

Add parsley.

Allow this to cook a bit before you start to chop it up and move it around. Then, scramble as you would scrambled eggs in general. When the eggs are cooked it is done. 🙂


Side note: To me, this had the taste and flavor of the low-carb breakfast bowl from Hardee’s. Which, that has a whopping 620 calories, 50 g of fat and 6 carbs. MY easy scramble tastes just as good (if not better) and has 305 calories, 23.6 fat and 1.8 carbs! I think I know what I’ll be eating when I have another craving for a breakfast “bowl” and if you want to put it in a bowl, go for it! Next time, I’m adding mushrooms!!! 😀


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