Peach Crepes (low Carb) 

I decided to get creative for breakfast. This recipe makes two crepes and fills you up! At 8.5 net carbs it’s on anyone’s menu!


1 egg

2 tbsp unsalted butter, melted

3 tbsp CalifiaFarms almond coconut blend milk (or use your preferred coconut or almond milk, unsweet)

2 squirts liquid sweetener

Dash cinnamon

1 tbsp vanilla

4 tbsp Carbquick ( buy at

2 tsp butter for cooking

1 small peach sliced

2 tsp whipped cream cheese

Drizzle of Torani SF peach syrup

Combine batter in blender or with a mixer.

Heat 10 inch skillet and melt 1 tsp of butter. Pour in the batter, just to coat the skillet.

Cook until bubbles form all over. Flip. Cook on the other side.


Meanwhile, cut a ripe peach, slice. Small is best as you want 8 small slices to go in the crepes.

When the first crepe is done, remove and start second one.

Spread cream cheese onto the cooked crepe, 1 tsp. top with 4 peach slices and fold over.

Repeat process with second crepe.

Top with peach Torani syrup and SF whipped cream if desired.

382 cals

32 fat

8.5 net carbs

12 protein.


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