Low Carb Strawberry Yogurt

So, I wanted yogurt. You know you can go get it at the store but it’s got added sugar most of the time, added sucralose or something you can’t pronounce. Anyway, I found this plain Greek nonfat yogurt at Kroger the other night and it has no real ADDED sugars. The sugars there come from the milk and cultures used to make yogurt. It’s VERY plain and boring, but would be great for smoothies, shakes, etc. So, I got to thinking why not make my own yogurt using Torani SF syrup? DUH! So, this is what I wound up with! 🙂 At 5 carbs for a serving, works for me!


1/2 cup Plain Greek nonfat Yogurt

2 oz Torani Sugar Free Strawberry Syrup

1/2 tsp (or more to your liking) liquid sweetener

Low carb yogurt ingredients


Mix and enjoy!!!

low carb strawberry yogurt

Nutrition Info (used MyFitnessPal app for iPhone)

nutrition for low carb yogurt


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