Product Review: Ciao Carb Pasta

I am a pasta lover. On low-carb and being diabetic that’s a big NO in my world. So, I’ve learned to adapt spaghetti squash, create zucchini noodles (zoodles) and even have added green beans on occasion! I have tried CarbaNada fettuccine pasta (low carb at 18 g per 1 1/2 cups) and it is very good (egg and basil flavors). But, while browsing on I saw this pasta….low carb, high protein it said. Hmm. Well, lets see! At $4.99 a box for 6 individual bags that’s not too bad. Each bag is 7 NET carbs. It took about 2 bags to make a meal of 5 servings (with 2 lbs of meat and sauce) of the what I call “twisty” pasta. The penne pasta I have yet to try, but I anticipate a mac and cheese for that tonight 🙂 They have other varieties of pasta as well and even a pasta rice I am curious about, however I do prefer cauliflower rice (Organic Trader Joe’s brand). Anyway, I had no sugar spike at all with this pasta, and my level was 78 after dinner. Very good! The pasta stays aldente and it holds sauce, adheres to the sauce and takes the flavor of the sauce. We will see how the penne works with the cheese sauce next.

So, if you are looking for a good pasta sub check out Netrition’s website at and see what might work for you. They have shells also, and some spaghetti noodles I think, tho they were higher in carb. This pasta lover is happy to have something else I can work with in my kitchen!

****I did try the penne pasta and let me say it was tough and did not cook up well. I do not recommend that pasta for regular dishes. For one you are doing in the cooker or something like that, it might work out as it would cook a long time. After going through the different pastas available I still prefer CarbaNada.


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