Steamed Broccoil with Butter

This is so easy! Carbs are simple and low, it’s broccoli!! 🙂 I think about 4-6 carbs depending on how much you use. Just check your portions. I won’t get into the fuzzy details. Haha. But, this is the BEST side for any meal…just love it. 🙂


Very simple. I used my Sistema cooker (buy from which I LOVE!!

Place a bit of water in the bottom, enough to cover the bottom, maybe a bit more than that…as you are steaming the broccoli.

Cut up two heads of broc into florets. I used two because that made about 2 cups raw, which prepared was less than that, as it shrinks. 🙂

Place the insert into the Sistema, add broccoli. Cover, vent, and cook in the microwave 7 minutes.

It will be tender and amazing!

Add salt and pepper.

Return to microwave about 1 minute just to finish it off. Top with your favorite butter (zero carbs mostly) and enjoy! 🙂


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