Cauli Mac and Cheese

This is probably the easiest thing ever. 🙂 And, the BEST way to eat cauliflower! What’s not good with cheese?? Exactly.

So, I got a Sistema cooker ( for the microwave and was dying to try this out. I used it and this took about 15 minutes total to put together, from frozen, using that cooker in the microwave. It was perfect. Using fresh, would take half that time, if that much. I am very happy with that cooker. But, you don’t need it for this recipe, you can use a microwave bowl if you need to with a couple teaspoons of water in the bottom…that’s fine. Or, the old way on the stove. Totally up to you!


Water (about 1-2 teaspoons or more for steaming cauli)

1 bag frozen cauliflower florets

1/4 cup Prego Creamy Cheddar Cheese sauce

1/2 cup finely shredded Sargento 4 State Cheddar Cheese (It was all I had, but feel free to use freshly shredded block cheddars, mozza’s, whatever you like, just adjust your carbs if needed…and yes most pre-shredded cheese has carbs…this had 2).

Salt to taste


Cook cauliflower until heated through and VERY hot. 🙂 Please STEAM the cauli.

Drain WELL.

Add Prego sauce and mix.

Add Sargento cheese.

Salt to taste if needed.

Place back into microwave (or oven if needed) and melt cheeses.

This pairs excellent with anything you’d normally use real mac and cheese for. I love it. I want to experiment with more cheeses to really amp it up and throw in bacon next time. Always better with bacon!

Cauli Mac and Cheese

Nutrition: Serves 4

Calories: 104

Fat: 6 grams

NET carbs: 3.75

Protein: 6.25


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