Chicken Zoodles with Butter and Parm

So last night the family was having tuna salad. Nothing wrong with tuna salad, I just do not care for it personally. So, I decided to make zoodles! I thought, maybe I will put some jarred alfredo on it or something….then, no. Lets do this right. 🙂 This is my result:

Chicken Zoodles with butter and parm

Chicken Zoodles with butter and parm. 😀 YUMMMMMMM


1 cup zucchini noodles (you may make these using a peeler, julienne slicer, veggie maker, etc. The one I use can be purchased here:

1/2 cup or so diced chicken breast (I used Tyson Grilled and Ready)



2 tbsp butter

2-3 tbsp Parmesan cheese (reserve one for topping)

Parsley (if desired as garnish)


Make zoodles with your zucchini and place into a colander in the sink with salt to allow some water to drain out.

Melt butter in a small pan.

Add zoodles and chicken, salt (taste first) and pepper to taste.

Allow this to heat through as chicken is already cooked and you want the zoodles crunchy!

Add Parmesan (minus 1 tbsp) and allow that to melt in and mix together, heat up.

Serve on a plate topped with the rest of the parm and parsley if you like.

ENJOY!! Calories are about 279 and NET CARBS range from 4-6 depending on how much zucchini you use.


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