Carbquik Low Carb Biscuits

Well finally we’ve got biscuits that taste like biscuits!!! These amazing lovely goodies are 1 NET carb each!!! I must give thanks to Carbquik for the recipe (on the box) but I do plan to tweak by adding a stick of butter to the batter next time! 🙂 You can order Carbquik from or Amazon (

The pan I used is a muffin top pan, also bought on Amazon:

The recipe (from Carbquik box):


2 cups Carbquik

3/4 cup water (extra water will be needed here, I typically need 1+ cups)


Mix into a smooth dough.

Roll with hands into small biscuits and place in pan. If you are using a regular cookie sheet, just make them look like biscuits. 🙂

Bake at 350 for 12-14 minutes.

This is what ya get! 🙂

Carbquik Low carb Biscuits


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