Ohh My Word!! So, I finally figured out a ZERO CARB WAFFLE. Yes, I did!! This is easy, amazing and ohh so good! I added a little butter and some sugar free syrup for a total of 2 carbs for this huge waffle for breakfast!! (carbs were from syrup, the waffle itself has NO carbs!!).

zero carb waffle


3/4 scoop Isopure Zero Carb Creamy Vanilla Protein Powder (this is IMPORTANT!!! If you use another protein powder it may not be zero carb…this can buy on Amazon)

1 egg

1/3 tsp baking powder

1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

1 squirt liquid sweetener


Mix well in the blender or a food processor. I use Ninja.

Heat waffle maker on high until fully hot and ready to go.

Pour in mix and allow to cook until browned and totally cooked through.


Feel free to add whipped cream (make your own) or sf syrup and butter…keep in mind anything you add will create carbs potentially, but as is, ZERO CARBS! ENJOY!

Calories: 209

Carbs: 0

Protein: 25 grams

Here I added 1 Tbsp of Sugar Free Hershey’s Chocolate Chips (1 net carb). With butter and Sugar Free Hungry Jack Syrup (1/4 cup max) it’s about 3 Net carbs total. The choc chips added is to die for!!!

choc chip low carb waffle (1 net) choc chip low carb waffle with butter and syrup (3 net)

***I am going to add an edit to this. It has been divulged to me that baking powder and egg contains a “tiny amount of carbs” well ok, fine, if you want to get SO techy about it, but honestly lets just get real. The amount it would contain for such a small amount used here is NOT enough, for me, to count. Therefore, as both packages suggested, 0 carbs.


4 thoughts on “ZERO CARB WAFFLE!!!!

  1. Should a liquid be added to this? Using your directions the mixture I was left with was very thick & goopy, even blended well.


    • The liquid is the egg, olive oil and liquid sweetener. If you got a bit too much protein powder that can cause it to be thick and gooey, in which case I highly recommend adding in a teaspoon or two (at a time) of coconut milk to thin it out. Also, don’t blend it too long. The protein powder thickens as it blends. I hope that helps!!


    • Judy,
      Yay!! Yes, it is SO versatile. We love it here as well. It is so easy and also if you like Torani syrup, I highly recommend using the Strawberry SF syrup and making a strawberry waffle. 🙂 Highly addicting! I add SF chocolate chips and make chocolate chip ones. Ohh it’s endless. And, yes you can mix with a fork or a whisk. I just like the ease of throwing it in my Ninja! ha. 🙂 Thank you for your comment. 🙂



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