Orange Creamsickle Fluff

This is amazing and so easy!!

1 1/4 cups heavy whipping cream
1 packet sugar free orange jello powder
1 small container mandarin oranges, no sugar added. I used the little lunch pack one.


Put cream and jello in a bowl and beat with electric hand mixer until fluffy.

Place into three ramekins.

Top with a few oranges.


Net carbs: 3.5 per serving
Calories: 330 ish.


2 thoughts on “Orange Creamsickle Fluff

    • 🙂 Hi! It’s very simple. Take the heavy whipping cream and put it into a bowl, use a hand mixer and mix until you get fluffy cream out of it. This recipe does not make much, mind you, but you could adjust to make a larger portion. I mixed it just a bit, then added the jello powder, and finished mixing. 🙂


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