Fat Head Pizza

My daughter and I have tried many low carb pizza recipes. The cream cheese was good but too cheesy and had to eat with a fork, not our idea of pizza. The flax crust was good, but WAY too much flax and my IBS went into overdrive. Oops! So, we discovered by word of mouth the Fat Head pizza crust. It is AMAZING. Here is a link for the recipe, as I did not create it, got it here: http://www.fathead-movie.com/index.php/2013/06/30/weekend-bonus-the-older-brothers-oldest-sons-faux-carb-pizza/

I topped half with Canadian bacon, bacon, pepperoni and cheese, same on the other but added mushrooms. YUMM. My advice is to bake 2 of them as one will go FAST they are so good. Carbs are about 2 net per slice for the crust, now if you put other toppings that have carbs, adjust your counts. 🙂 This is very pick-up-able and the crust totally mimics regular pizza crust. VERY GOOD. 🙂

As a side note, we now enjoy this pizza as a “meattza pizza” with a layer of provolone in between the sauce and meat toppings (sausage, canadian bacon, pepperoni and bacon) and then topped with shredded mozzarella. Bake till cheese melts and it’s headed through again and WOW. Talk about good. The addition of the provolone layer is amazing! Highly recommend!!

Fathead pizza2

Fathead Pizza


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